Nipples and weddings

Naked wedding guests!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I don’t hold back if I think I’ve got somethind wild to say about my life as a wedding photographer.  I’ve discussed the usual topics like booze and what to do when the worst happens to your big day.

Today I’m taking about criminally underdressed wedding guests.  This post is not for the easily offended or anyone with a weak stomach!



Bored of wedding reception booze?

In my latest blog post I cheerfully let the world know what I think of the drinks that are served at wedding receptions.  I never get to actually drink any of them (because I’m always working / driving) but that’s no reason for me not to have opinion!


wedding photography and toilets

Ever wondered why you’ve never seen a wedding photograper piss?

I get asked all kinds of crazy things when going about business as a wedding photographer, one of the strangest is ‘why do you never piss’?  Well that may seem like the type of question a professional wouldn’t want to answer, well most might not but I’m not like other photographers.

So I wrote a blog post about why needing the toilet is such a problem if you’re a wedding photographer…